Anybody know of a “no react to first snow” mod or something like that?

2021.10.23 23:36 dletty24 Anybody know of a “no react to first snow” mod or something like that?

Every NPC that has come over to my sim’s house has randomly dropped the conversation with her to autonomously “react to first snow” and it’s getting really annoying. Especially since sometimes they stay outside for what seems like forever afterwards. If I didn’t have temperature effects off they’d freeze to death.
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2021.10.23 23:36 christianb19871 Eschuta’s Temper 4 Trade

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2021.10.23 23:36 Dr_Bonko360 WOT audio books on YouTube?

For a while I was listening to the WOT series on YouTube. There was a play list that had the full series on it. But now they've been taken down and I can't find another one. Does anyone have a link to the audiobooks on YouTube? Or do I finaly give in and buy an audible subscription. Thanks
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2021.10.23 23:36 FarrisFahad This is why I always lose

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2021.10.23 23:36 Certain_Suit_1905 Wrote harmony in a melodic minor for Karma Police, haven't arranged it tho

It's like if it was on httt or amnesiac
Dark and kinda surreal
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2021.10.23 23:36 djtron99 NAS power settings

Hi, I'm using my NAS usually on the late afternoon up to midnight on weekdays and turning it on as needed. Are my settings below ok and will not impact the NAS and hard drive's lifespan and reliability (no bad blocks)?

  1. Disk hibernation on internal and external hard disks are set to 15 minutes.
  2. Sleep mode (S3 suspend to RAM if no data access) at 30 minutes. Only allowed to enter sleep mode from midnight to late afternoon when my NAS is off.
  3. Is it safe to always plugged in the ac adapter to the wall socket all the time? I set the NAS automatically to turn on from late afternoon and turn off at 11pm.
  4. Will powering on the nas on certain hours in a day ok or is it better to turn it powered 24x7?
  5. What is the suggested time period to not power off the nas if you will use it later? Say if I turn it off at 12noon but I will use it in 3pm (3hours)? 6pm (6hours)? 11pm (11hours).
Thank you.
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2021.10.23 23:36 123aname I don’t have my glasses on and I can’t tell if this is moldy or my eyes just suck.

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2021.10.23 23:36 psshank T20 WC extra tickets - Any cricket fans?

So I got tickets to two India games and Eng/Aus at the T20 Cricket World Cup.
But because the ticket site only allows purchase of TWO tickets for each game, I now have one extra ticket for each game.
So any redditor who’s also a cricket fan want to enjoy a World Cup game next week?
35 M here flying in from the US for the WC.
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2021.10.23 23:36 pudung Posting until Tenshi gets 1mil subs #135 (art by @yukinoshita_Peo)

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2021.10.23 23:36 GreenFire317 Should I Get Some Sort of Tutor?

Okay, so before I decide to engage with or hire a tutor: Should I prepare in someway? What do they expect of me? How much do I need to know about C++ and programming in general? Is it even a tutor that I'm looking for, or something else? What's a good and bad tutor?
I believe what I'm looking for is some sort of session that will help, jump start, give a little bump, teach me additional foundations, guide me through a project. Maybe do this once a month, while I learn what I can on my own, the rest of the time.
A comparable example, of what I may mean being: FPS gamers. Sometimes they hire coaches to watch them as they game, to point out what they're doing and how they can improve in areas, and try to demonstrate examples. But how could something like that translate onto programming? Like what is that?
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2021.10.23 23:36 narihisago_ "Calm Campsite," 1000 pieces, Ravensburger - Wanderlust series. Art by Lars Stewart

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2021.10.23 23:36 omarlittlejunior BODY 🍫😫😫

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2021.10.23 23:36 Nickamany Ethernet connection to Nighthawk X6 AC2200

I've had this extender for about 1 month now, and had some pretty slow connections with the wifi extension, so now i want to have an ethernet connected up to it but i dont know how to. Do I need to use the app or just pull it in?
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2021.10.23 23:36 stupidbrainz Cursed_fighting

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2021.10.23 23:36 stelcreates [Homemade] Sunday pasta making.

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2021.10.23 23:36 Big_Newspaper_9375 Dog keeps itching

My 7 month year old dog 'vessie', keeps scratching nearly all the time I've already flead her and used creams and various shampoos for itchy skin but the problem still persists and now there's a patch of hair that's missing on her leg and some hair around her eyebrows if anyone could help that would be great
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2021.10.23 23:36 DanoPinyon Fisherman and Surf Before the Storm

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2021.10.23 23:36 alex9834 The Sacramento Kings: 70 Years of Failure

Oh, there's one NBA team that I've been dying to get to. This team is a much bigger failure than the Suns, Knicks, Pacers, etc. This is a team that has experienced so much misery that they have the 3rd longest championship drought in North American sports, and very little playoff success since then.
What team is this? That would be the Sacramento Kings. Yes, really. This team has experienced so much pain and heartache that would make even the Detroit Lions and the Florida Panthers blush. This is a team that is so unlucky that they happen to get screwed over by unfortunate circumstances over and over. This is a team that is so miserable that...oh, lets just get this over with.
1951 NBA Finals - The Kings start out as the Rochester Royals. After going on a deep run to the NBA Finals and nearly blowing a 3-0 series lead to the Knicks, the Royals manage to hang on in the Battle of New York to win the NBA championship, thanks to starts like Red Holzman, Arnold Denny "Stilts" Risen, Robert Davies, and Jack Coleman. Hopefully this won't be the last time they make an NBA Finals.
1952 - The Royals will not be able to defend their title. Despite finishing 1st in the Western Conference they fall to the Lakers in the Conference Finals. Remember that team.
1953 - Next year, they lose a close series to the Pistons.
1954 - You made it back to the Western Conference Finals only to fall short against the Lakers again.
1955 - You made it back to the Playoffs again despite finishing the regular season 14 games under .500. The Lakers once again put you in your place like the trash you are.
1956 - And now the team's window has slammed shut and they fall into the deep pit of despair known as mediocrity. At least Maurice Stokes won Rookie of the Year?
1957 - Congratulations! Turns out Rochester is no longer a viable home for you. You're moving to Cincinnati!
1958 - The Cincinnati Royals are a pioneer, the state of Ohio's first NBA team! They celebrate by bowing out to the Pistons in the first round again.
Even worse is that you lose Maurice Stokes is now gone thanks to a devastating injury that he received while playing - post-traumatic encephalopathy, a brain injury that damaged his motor-control center. He still played in Game 1 of the playoffs though. That's very admirable of him.
1959-1960 - Turns out losing Stokes was such a big blow to the team that they finish dead last in the Western Conference for two consecutive years.
1960 NBA Draft - Luckily you get the 1st pick in the draft, and you use it to select this Oscar Robertson guy. Good choice. Hopefully you can win an NBA title for him.
1961 - The team does improve but there is still no playoffs. At least Robertson won Rookie of the Year. That's a start.
1962 - Robertson manages to lead the Royals back to the playoffs where they get the honor of being humilated by Detroit once again. At least you're moving to the Eastern Conference next year to reduce air travel...
1963 - The Royals make it to the Conference Finals their first year in the East, but unfortunately they run into the human steamroller known as the Bill Russell-led Celtics dynasty. Even though they took them to 7 games it wasn't enough. Better luck next year, boys.
1964 - Thanks to Rookie of the Year and new acquisition Jerry Lucas, the Royals make it back to the Conference Finals again only to be steamrolled by Boston yet again. There's always next year I guess...
1965 - Or just lose to the Wilt Chamberlain and the 76ers in the first round.
1966 - You lose to the Celtics again, this time in the first round!
1967 - Next year, you once again get smothered by Wilt's 76ers as they march on their way to a championship.
1968 - Unfortunately the window has slammed shut on the Royals yet again. They barely miss out on a playoff spot and the team's future in Cincinnati is in jeopardy...
1969 - New head coach Bob Cousy leads the Royals to a .500 record. Unfortunately they miss the playoffs as star players depart, such as Jerry Lucas who was traded to the Warriors.
1970 - No playoffs yet again. And now Oscar Robertson is gone. The team is dead. At least this Nate Archibald guy you drafted looks promising...
1971 NBA Finals - Good news, Oscar Robertson got a ring! Bad news is that he won it with the Bucks. Great...
1972 - After one last dismal season in Ohio it's time to pack your bags once again! You're moving to Kansas City! What, you're worried that Ohio won't have an NBA team anymore, don't worry, they have the Cavs. In a little over 40 years they'll get this LeBron guy and they'll do what the Royals failed to do. They'll be fine.
1973 - With a new home comes a new name - you are now known as the Kings. The awkward part is that you have to split home games between Kansas City and..........OMAHA, NEBRASKA?!! Strange...
Oh, and you're back in the Western Conference again. Have fun dealing with that future dynasty we talked about...
1973 NBA Finals - Hey, remember that Jerry Lucas guy you got rid of? Well, turns out he also got a ring...with the Knicks. Just perfect...
1974 - You are still utterly mediocre. No playoffs yet again.
1975 - This time you make it back to the playoffs. Bad news is that it's yet another 1st round exit at the hands of the Bulls.
1976-1978 - Miss the playoffs the next three years in the meantime. And Nate Archibald is gone as he gets traded to the Nets for draft picks.
1979 - Well things are finally getting back on track. Thanks to head coach Cotton Fitzsimmons, along with new star players in Phil Ford, Sam Lacey and Otis Birdsong, the Kings win the Midwest Division and return to the playoffs as the 2nd seed in the West and a 1st round BYE. Unfortunately they get dominated by the Suns in 5 games.
1980 - Lose to the Suns yet again, this time in the first round!
1981 - Well, despite finishing the regular season with a 40-42 record you make it back to the Playoffs as the 5th seed in the West. Even though Phil Ford goes down with injuries, this Ernie Grunfeld guy steps up and helps lead the Kings on a deep playoff run. After taking out the Trail Blazers in the first round, the Kings then get revenge on the Suns in the second round in 7 games, and they return to the Conference Finals for the first time in almost two decades and are up against another underdog in the Rockets! Eh, they've made it far enough. It's your fucking time now!
1981 Western Conference Finals - Unfortunately the Cinderella run strikes 12 and they get steamrolled by the Rockets in 5 games. There's always next year...
1981 NBA Finals - Hey, remember that Nate Archibald guy you traded for draft picks? Well, he too got a ring...with the Celtics. This is starting to become a trend...
1982 - Or...just completely fall apart and miss the playoffs by going 30-52.
1983 - You manage to finish the regular season with a 45-win record. Unfortunately in a top-heavy Western Conference it's not good enough for a playoff spot.
1984 - The Kings sneak into the playoffs as the 8th seed in the West with an aging core. They are then bitchslapped by their old foe in the Laker Empire again.
1985 - Great news! Thanks to Kansas City not giving a shit about you, you get to pack your bags and move yet again. You're moving to Sacramento!
1986 - You made the playoffs your first year in California's capital city! Your grand prize is to get steamrolled by the Hakeem Olajuwon-led Rockets in the first round.
1987 - And then you're next prize is that you get to be utter shit for almost a decade. Have fun being trash!
1988 - This Otis Thorpe guy is terrible! Trade his ass to the Rockets!
1989 - You are still complete shit. At least the fans are bothering to show up this time, and the city was kind enough to give you a brand new home in the newly constructed ARCO Arena. At least that's something.
1992 - You're still shit but you at least acquired this Mitch Richmond guy from the Warriors. It's a small consolation prize.
1994 NBA Finals - Hey, remember that Otis Thorpe guy you thought was terrible? Turns out he was a core contributor to the Rockets' first title. Hmmm...clips of Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas and Nate Archibald play in the background ...DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR?!!!!
1996 - Well, you FINALLY made it back to the Playoffs again. Unfortunately it's short lived as you get clobbered by Gary Payton and the SuperSonics in the first round.
1997-1998 - Miss the playoffs the next two years in the meantime. And Mitch Richmond got traded to the Wizards.
1998 offseason - This team has been shit for far too long. It's time to make some moves to just not suck. You draft Jason Williams, make a trade for Chris Webber, sign Vlade Divac, and Peja Stojaković. Sacramento is going to come "The Greatest Show on Court." Look out.
1999 - In the lockout-shortened season, the Kings return to the Playoffs as the 6th seed in the West. They give the two-time defending Western Conference champion Jazz all they can handle but it just isn't enough. You're got promise though. Keep going.
2000 - Thanks to new acquisition Nick Anderson, the Kings return to the Playoffs again, although this time as the 8th seed. And it's against...the Lakers. You push the top-seed Kobe-Shaq Lakers to the brink of elimination but it's still not enough to win the series. But you're still improving. Keep it going.
2001 - Thanks to new draft pick Hedo Turkoglu and new acquisition Doug Christie, the Kings drastically improve to the 3rd seed in the Western Conference with a 55-27 record!
2001 NBA Playoffs - Things are really looking up for the Kings! They go into Phoenix and win a playoff series for the first time in 20 years! Unfortunately, they get swept by the Laker Death Star in the next round. But they still have promise. Next year will be the year!
2002- Alright! Things are finally looking up for the Kings this year! Jason Williams may have been traded to the Grizzlies, but Mike Bibby takes his place. And thanks to the trade, the Kings are now a machine! They are no longer the league's doormat, they are a force to be reckoned with! They're the ones doing the cucking this year! They finish with the best record in the NBA with a franchise-best 61 wins and are the heavy favorites for the championship! If there's any year to do it, it's this year!
2001 NBA Playoffs - The Kings are indeed a force to be reckoned with! They steamroll their competition in the Jazz and the Dirk Nowitzki-led Mavs in the first two rounds and make it to an anticipated Conference Finals matchup against the Laker Empire! It turns out to be an intense series! Close games, players ready to kill each other, coaches ready to kill each other, and overall it is just a nail-biter. The Kings manage to go up 3-2 in the series and are one game away from their first NBA Finals in over 50 years! Nothing can stop them now!
2002 Western Conference Finals, Game 6 - What the hell is with all these horrible calls made in favor for the Lakers! You're seriously going to call a foul on Mike Bibby even as he got elbowed by Kobe?! Really?! How pathetic and cheap can you be?! How in the world did the Lakers get 27 free throws on no-calls in the 4th quarter?! This is the part where Sacramento bitches isn't it...
And the Lakers hold on. There is the belief that the NBA conspired to prevent a matchup between 2 small-market teams, and while the refs were just shit, the outcome was indeed questionable. But don't worry, the Kings are going back home for Game Se-OH, RIGHT!! They never mentioned that part, did they?!
2002 Western Conference Finals, Game 7- That's because Kobe and Shaq do what they do best and successfully drown the Kings' title hopes in an overtime Game 7. The Kings simply ran out of gas and the Lakers go on to have a 3-peat. Fuck you, David Stern.
2003 - New year, fresh start. It's time to avenge last year's defeat. Retaining the core from last year, the Kings win the Pacific Division for a 2nd straight year with a 59-23 record. They steamroll the Jazz in the first round yet again, but then in the second round against the Mavs...disaster strikes. Chris Webber badly injures knee
Unfortunately, Webber gets badly injured and the Kings ultimately lose the series in 7 to the Mavs. This isn't looking good...
2004 - Despite Webber on the decline, the Kings still win 55 games to finish 4th in the West. They manage to get by Dallas in the first round, but then lose a hard-fought 7-game series to the T-Wolves the next round. We're losing to Minnesota now?
2005 - The core is aging badly, Webber gets traded to the 76ers, and the Kings falter in the first round to the SuperSonics. And not just any Sonics team, this was to Ray Allen's Sonics. You know, the one fluke team that had some success before their untimely demise? Ouch...
2006 - The team is aging rapidly and former stars are departing, but the Kings manage to sneak back into the Playoffs again. Despite giving the top-seeded Spurs all they could, it is futile and they lose in 6. Things are not looking good for the Kings in the long-term and it looks like this could be it for this current core.
Well, hopefully it won't be a while until you make the Playoffs again...
2007 - Just as predicted, the window has now slammed shut and the Kings are irrelevant again. Ron Artest decided to be a fucking idiot again after abusing his dogs. He gets suspended by the team for most of the season, and head coach Eric Musselman gets gets in trouble via DUI charges. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come...
2009 - After many years the Kings return to a place they have not seen in a long time - the basement. They are utterly terrible and nothing seems to be going right. At least you got this Tyreke Evans guy in the draft...
2010 NBA Draft - For all your suckitude, you at least get a new face of the franchise. You get this DeMarcus Cousins guy.
2011 - The Kings are making moves to try and rebuild. They trade a nice package to the Hornets for Jimmer Fredette, and they also draft Isaiah Thomas with the 60th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Hopefully this doesn't backfire...
2012 - It does backfire as the Kings have terrible team chemistry and finish with the 3rd worst record in the Western conference.
2013 offseason - And it gets even worse. The Maloof Family, the longtime owners of the Kings want nothing to do with the franchise anymore as they feel they can no longer make a contender out of it. They then choose to sell the team. And it's to a terrible owner. Sacramento, meet your new master...
Vivek Ranadive. lightning strikes
2014 - The team is still terrible as Boogie Cousins is unhappy, Tyreke Evans gets traded to the Pelicans, and Jimmer Fredette joins the Bulls.
2015 - Well, the Kings get off to an okay-ish 11-13 start. But this isn't good enough for Ranadive. The Kings have never been good at this whole PR thing so why not fire head coach Michael Malone to incite the fanbase to riot?
2015, cont'd - Shit, the fans are still pissed at us for firing Malone. Oh, I've got it! How about a washed-up lemon of a George Karl as head coach?
2016-2018 - The team is still utterly terrible as Karl does nothing to help the team and is then fired. Vlade "I Had a Better Deal Two Days Ago" Divac becomes GM, Boogie Cousins becomes even more unhappy, and the team is just shit.
2018 offseason - Boogie Cousins decides to sign with...GOLDEN STATE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! How the hell is anyone supposed to compete with the Warriors now?!
2019 - The Kings manage to improve to a 39-43 record but just fall short of a playoff spot. This is the best season you're going to see for a while, Kings fans. Unfortunately, there is more mediocrity to come.
2021 - And the team is still stagnant and mediocre. The end.
I would have discussed more about the Kings post-2006, but Tree covered the Kings' failures in the modern era better than I ever could. The team is just straight up terrible. They still have the third longest championship drought in North American sports. Their best season in 2002 was taken away by garbage officiating and shady dealings by David fucking Stern. Had things been different and the Kings not been screwed over as badly in Game 6, they would have won the 2002 title. Hands down. And the history of Sacramento basketball would have been much different. But we are unfortunately left with this dumpster fire due to unfortunate circumstances and very bad luck.
And I haven't even gotten to the worst part yet:
Vivek Ranadive is still in his mid-60s.
Which means you're going to be waiting a LONG time until the Kings become good again...if they're still around by that time, that is.
But for now, Kings fans, my liquor cabinet is yours for the taking. Grab some booze because the next couple decades are going to be painful. My deepest condolences.
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2021.10.23 23:36 Mrbucket27 Offer a load to our goddess

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2021.10.23 23:36 hurrimmahoers I was told I have a rough chart. I'm having anxiety on my work and finances, subsequently doubting myself a lot. Anything else I could anticipate? Need to have a direction whether to still roam the earth or another world

I was told I have a rough chart. I'm having anxiety on my work and finances, subsequently doubting myself a lot. Anything else I could anticipate? Need to have a direction whether to still roam the earth or another world submitted by hurrimmahoers to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 23:36 the-ugly-potato Young anti work believer? Wtf is the name? Just a word and want of advice plus questions

Im interested in fields of work but at the same time i don't want to spend majority of my healthy years wasting away at a job regardless of how much i will earn. I don't want to work 40 , 60 , 80 hours a week for 20 40 60 years. I really want to retire early. Like my early 30s. What things can i do when i turn 18 and get a source if income to insure i can reach my goal? What non work income sources should i invest into or look into? Honestly i don't want to be my mom. In here mid 40s working at Meijers halfway living pay check to pay check to support me and my great aunt. Willing to break her back for a company whom sees here as a number.
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2021.10.23 23:36 superjase maybe new hero and season roll was delayed because they were waiting for mccree to be renamed?

that's all.
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2021.10.23 23:36 jbenson255 Jimmy Butler: “I just gotta be better overall. I let my offense dictate my defense tonight & that’s not how to play basketball.” -on Herro’s shot volume: “Sometimes the game calls for that, I’m not gonna lie to you. He made a lot of those shots I didn’t think he would make.”

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2021.10.23 23:36 JustADudeOnReddit124 Secret message

-. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--. / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -. / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. translate this for a secret message
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2021.10.23 23:36 janerumwaifu If there's no oil under them, there's no oil in them

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