Why all the things people are concerned about are a result of Silas's coaching methods

Middenheim, also known as the Ulricsberg, the Fauschlag, meaning "Fist-Strike", or simply the City of the White Wolf, is amongst the greatest and most fortified fortress-cities within the Old World and beyond. The City of the White Wolf, home to the Cult of Ulric and the greatest city-state of the north, Middenheim is the rock upon which the northern enemies of the Empire have broken upon.

2021.10.23 23:27 FarWestEros Why all the things people are concerned about are a result of Silas's coaching methods

Disclaimer: I am not a professional basketball player or coach and have no idea what I am talking about.
I am an English teacher. In the world of language learning, there are a number of different methodologies that teachers use. The oldest method, Grammar Translation, dates back millennia and is probably similar to what many of you have done in school. Lots of bookwork and dictionary involvement. The next evolution in language training came in the early 20th century with the Audiolingual method, which focused on lots of repetitive drills.
I'll skip this over a few other, less popular iterations to get straight to Communicative Language Teaching and "The Natural Approach", which focuses on acquiring the language in a trajectory similar to how children learn it, with an emphasis on scaffolding learners' knowledge through exposure to largely comprehensible input with an extremely minimal amount of new information slowly layered upon it in a contextualized manner that has been shown to be more effective at long-term retention.
This method has a number of advantages, most notably that it enhances learner interest and involvement and has better long-term results, including more native-like pronunciation, accuracy, and fluency.
So what does this have to do with basketball?
Possibly nothing. But to hear Silas's comments about coaching "organically", it certainly sounds as if he is attempting a basketball coaching equivalent to the Natural Approach of language learning.
He is not concerned with drills (Audiolingual) or learning particular plays (Grammar Translation) at this stage. He specifically states that those will be added later if necessary.
The goal of his method appears to be allowing the players to discover what they need to do on their own through the timeless process of "trial and error". He is not trying to force too much information into their brains in the beginning, or suggest that there are only certain effective plays to get desired results. He is allowing them room to learn the most fundamental aspects of each other's games first, and hoping that they will then start self-actualizing how best to get to those skillsets.
Having a coach yell from the sideline about how something should happen is familiar to most people, because it is a traditional technique. But that doesn't make it the 'best' technique. When a student learns something for themselves by recognizing why it is more effective than other methods, it will have a far more lasting impact on their psyche.
Ingraining solid fundamentals may well have better results in the long term, but it will almost certainly result in higher levels of enjoyment for the players. And with stated goals of having fun and improving, I'd be shocked if this wasn't the driving force behind why he isn't spamming particular plays that have been shown to be previously effective. His goal may well be for the players to discover when and how to get into those sets themselves; but hoping that their primary comfort level comes from just playing the way they have always played before, and hoping that the guys pick up on clues about how their teammates prefer to operate.
On top of that, it is important to remember that the best play for our team is not PnR or PnP or High screen actions or ANYTHING in a half-court set.
The best thing for this team to do is run like hell in transition, and that does not lend itself towards set plays at all. Instead, he needs everyone internalizing how to react in the heat of split-second moments. This is likely why he spent all preseason installing his 'random' offense... It's an attempt to get guys on the same wavelength through shared experience instead of drilling situations that are rarely repeated in in-game scenarios.
Anyway... This is getting long and probably boring, so I'll stop for now... But it is just to say, that if Silas is attempting this coaching style, it would explain why everything has looked the way it has so far. Of course another option is that he just doesn't have a clue what he is doing out there and letting them run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Or there is the middle ground that he is attempting to do something that he just doesn't have the skill to pull off.
Whether he can properly get them to take the next steps in advancement through gentle coaxing and self-actualization is a very difficult techniques for a teacher to manage and requires a great deal of experience. He may need to revert to more traditional methods (as he acknowledged in his post-game interview), or it may be that the players lack the BBIQ to advance quickly enough without a familiar, steady hand of instruction.
But if he can effectively utilize a Natural Approach to basketball coaching, then it should result in some insane team chemistry.
I'm interested in seeing what his next steps are, how quickly players incorporate his teachings, and whether or not ownership has patience for a less-traditional methodology that typically won't see immediate results due to the lack of immediate goals or pressure to attain specific benchmarks.
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Hey guys, was just wondering if I could get some help on telling whether a Topps Kobe rookie is a reprint or not, it’s hard to tell the differences on ebay, thanks!
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2021.10.23 23:27 Xrprepper Compilation of latest Proton news & links

Feel free to add to this list below: please forgive the out of order-ness😄
Custody platform migration
monthly token burn - here:
Railsbank partnership:
Kevin taylor hire tweet:
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Proton wallet 2.0 upgrade:
Proton naming service:
Metallicus CFO Irina Berkon:
Proton new home for NFTs:
Proton Marshall & Lee AMA Oct:
Marshall tweet Proton wallet 2.0 bsc bnb etc:
credit to Frankie for compiling these Proton related videos
Proton at 54:10 (19.3k subscribers) https://youtu.be/W9kcm2QeRqk
Proton at 37:23 (59.5k subscribers) https://youtu.be/Nl7G9Azb3UE
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Whales of Wall Street (608 views) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ErDNjDsFXyU
And Binance & Proton joining forces 🔜 (speculation)
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2021.10.23 23:27 swanlakeaida I feel really depressed and cry about being a woman because it's widely believed women become invisible with age & that men prefer younger women & women fear ageing. Also that oral sex is rarely perfomed on vaginas & men fetishize women with penises porn. How true are these? THE BLUNT TRUTH PLEASE.

It's all too much for me to accept. I was thinking about getting therapy due to this or transitioning to become a man, because I cannot accept any of it. It makes me miserable.
How do other women accept it all?
How true and widely believed are these things? How do I not let them affect me and how do other women not let them affect them and still feel attracted to men sexually, romantically and physically? I think it affects me more because I have more time to think about it. Maybe most women don't think, just accept and preserve, or get on with it.
STRAIGHT WOMEN AND GAY MEN HAVE NO INTEREST IN VAGINAS NOR MEN WHO HAVE VAGINAS PORN AND ARE WAY MORE EXCLUSIVELY ATTRACTED TO PENISES THAN STRAIGHT MEN ARE EXCLUSIVELY ATTRACTED TO VAGINAS. And nobody ever wonders or questions why the difference, so it must be seen as being obvious that penises are just more liked. So what's so great about penises that even straight men love them? Is society just penis obsessed in general when it comes to sex and porn?
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On the Eshop page for Superstars, it says "This game contains in-game purchases." What do you suppose those in-game purchases could be?
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2021.10.23 23:27 thrik I want to mess around on Linux but still looking for best performance while CPU and GPU mining. For those like me who don't have a dedicated mining rig, what distro and DE are you running?

I just switched to Linux about a week ago. I've tried Gnome, KDE, and XFCE, mainly on Ubuntu.
Weirdly enough, KDE on Kubuntu 21.10 seemed to have the least amount of lag while mining. The system was very usable (not comparable to Windows but still). Go figure.
I'm now on EndeavourOS because I want the AUR, and both KDE and XFCE lag pretty badly on here. Lots of stuttering.
Wanna hear your thoughts and experiences, since most people don't operate under heavy system load like us.
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