34 [M4F] US - Anyone excited by overachieving/academic types?

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2021.10.23 22:57 MntnCapital 34 [M4F] US - Anyone excited by overachieving/academic types?

Looking to start with flirty chat and escalate from there, with the possibility of meeting down the road.
I’m 34, a little chubby, and have always been a bit of an overachiever. I went to Ivy League schools (which I kind of resent as institutions), had fancy jobs (right now I’m management level at a tech company and teach a class at a law school), and write occasional academic papers. I also volunteer for some non-profits, read fiction, listen to dated indie music, like good food/scotch/wine, and lots of other things. I can also talk most types of nerd stuff, though it’s not at the center of my personality.
All I’m looking for is someone over 24 who is interested in trying this out, willing to move to Telegram if we like chatting, and is located in the US. Bonus points if you’re passionate about a hobby, interest, or something in your life and excited to tell me about it.
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2021.10.23 22:57 kittybeth666 shut the fuck up about how big a fan of the culture war you are. shut the fuck about black and gay people being on tv too much nowadays. shut the fuck up about woke. shut the fuck up about cancel culture. shut the fuck up about how transgender people have ruined the whole world.

shut up. shut up. just shut the fuck up.
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2021.10.23 22:57 Initial_Honey_8865 🔋Welcome to CRYPTONITE 🧬 | Next X1000 Gem💥go to moon 🌒

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2021.10.23 22:57 24krecordingstudio 24K RECORDING STUDIO

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2021.10.23 22:57 JesseTheSmoker21 Help for filming short film audio

I’m going to be filming a short film in a couple of month and want to get my film product in check, how would I be able to record sound mostly for dialogue while using a bolex 16mm REX 1 and Black magic pocket camera 4K? I know the bolex is noisy, I want a good sound for BMPC. Ik there’s some audio captures that are sucky for dialogue. Thank you!
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2021.10.23 22:57 Rufnusd Washing Lego

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2021.10.23 22:57 HoudaMarketer makes $250 per day start earning automated commissions online without s...

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2021.10.23 22:57 JayHill74 The commercial Maria did for one of Japan's streaming platforms earlier this year

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2021.10.23 22:57 Idahomiehelp Cards Vs. Texans...not parlay porn

K so am I a dumbass or is taking the Texans+18.5 a no brainer?
Cards play the Packers Thursday, thats gotta be a "get an early lead then let the starters rest for the real game this week" mentality, right?
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2021.10.23 22:57 CrowneeFC Phil Foden Skills Goals and Assist Destroying Teams 2021 HD

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2021.10.23 22:57 Ernesto-linares- Cuando tú amigo el pendejo está hablando puras pendejadas

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2021.10.23 22:57 ruthogre Beef Donburi

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2021.10.23 22:57 christianhthereal [Fresh Snippet] America (Prod. Ronny J)

Listed for sale on the source
Apparently a “completed” song from Donda V1 (July 2020)
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2021.10.23 22:57 ajwelch14 H&R 949 loading half cocked issue

Anyone own a 949? Loading seems to have an issue sometimes.. you have to half cock for cylinder to spin to load it.. sometimes it disengages from half cocked.. afraid of it firing a live round. Not sure what needs replacing..
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2021.10.23 22:57 Bananaflakes08 Anyone do OMAD just on weekends?

I do well during the weekdays but as soon as weekend hits and I don’t have my work routine, my eating all goes to hell. Thoughts?
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2021.10.23 22:57 SnareSpectre Need help understanding selling fees

Hey guys,
I've checked several places and can't find the answer to this question, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I downloaded the Crypto.com app so I could buy SHIB several months ago. Now that it's gaining quite a bit of value, I went into the app to make sure I knew how to sell once I hit the threshold I set for myself.
I understand that there are fees associated with selling any crypto through a service like this, but while my balance in the main screen shows $9,550 as my SHIB balance, when I go to sell to my fiat wallet, it tells me the sale will only yield $8,521. That's literally almost an 11% loss on the value of my crypto.
Is this a glitch in the app, or is it really trying to charge me that much in fees to sell my crypto? And if it's legit, is there any way around this ridiculously high fee?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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2021.10.23 22:57 redfusiond Hello everyone. It has come to my attention some members of the sub have been unable to make posts (pictures, text, etc.). I have just made some changes that hopefully allow everyone to post unrestricted at all times. Please let me know if you are running into any issues below.

Are you able to now post screenshots, and additional content?
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2021.10.23 22:57 philipgp28 me everytime I see skid x pump

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2021.10.23 22:57 CarCompetitive5893 Humorous moments in Minecraft during the Island Challenge

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2021.10.23 22:57 hellowrld2 Dɛɛpwɛв Filɛs

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2021.10.23 22:57 moments-and-days I'm (23F) unsure how to tell my husband's cousin (23M) that his "edgy" jokes aren't funny at all.

I'm gonna try to keep this brief, as well as semi-vague as everyone involved is a reddit user. TLDR; my husband's cousin makes edgy jokes that make me uncomfortable and I don't know how to tell both of them that maybe they should grow up.
My husband (24M), as most folks do, went through a bit of an edgy humor phase in high school. You know, those dudes who are really into Scott Pilgrim and watched Filthy Frank and Pewdiepie. He had mostly gotten over that type of humor by the time we met in college. He has a cousin that he's close with who also went through this phase with him. However, his cousin still sometimes makes edgy jokes even now as adults.
It's not horrible, but sometimes the 3 of us will be hanging out and the cousin will make some dig about how much he hates women, or something along those lines. It can be jarring, and sometimes my husband will even laugh along. I've brought this up to my husband, and he'll just say "oh well he's doing satire by pretending to be one of those incels who hates women". But there was no context to imply that it was satire; it was just an attempt at being edgy that made me uncomfortable and honestly? It's just in poor taste given where we all are in life.
I need some advice about how to gently approach the cousin and ask him to knock it off with the "edgy" jokes since my husband doesn't really know how to broach the subject either, it seems.
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2021.10.23 22:57 thingswillbeokay_ I had a dream about you

I had a dream about you love, and it felt so real that I had to check my phone and make sure it wasn’t real. We were tipsy carving pumpkins and just laughing until there were tears in our eyes and then you called me and told me you wanted to try again, for real this time.
I just want you to get out of my head, but I also can’t imagine a world where you’re not in my life.
I’ll probably call you on Monday, I won’t tell you about the dream but we’ll talk and I’ll feel okay for a little while. I miss you, so much more than you even know.
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2021.10.23 22:57 handle2345 Full service local move due to newborn

Hey - we need to move to a new neighborhood in our city before school starts in fall 2022.
We're having a newborn in April. Also honestly we are just bad at moving (did it once before, it was hard).
We have money saved, though there is a limit. What is the most full service way possible to get moved. And where can I find them? I'd love to be able to go to the in-laws for a week and have someone do it for us.
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2021.10.23 22:57 _86753o9 Do you think some squirrelly shit was going on in the Arkansas UAPB game?

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2021.10.23 22:57 AppleJuice41763 I don’t know what happened

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