Macro (Burmese Kush)

2021.10.23 22:52 weed_fart Macro (Burmese Kush)

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2021.10.23 22:52 dhyayavito 110 Columbia

Does anyone have experience with pests at 110 Columbia?
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2021.10.23 22:52 poorgyw Recommended tailor for a suit in Istanbul?

Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for getting a custom tailored suit in Istanbul. I'll be there for a few weeks and I would assume it's much cheaper than in the states. Also if you have a cost estimate that'd also be helpful!

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2021.10.23 22:52 Nahis10 Is “real-life” accounting different from what you are taught in school? Is everything automated now and “real-life”accounting is easy or it depends on the accounting field you work for? (Example: audit, tax, etc.)

Just wondering this because I am taking principles of accounting now, and everything builds on top of everything, and there are so many tiny details and things that can happen that I can’t help but think to myself “d*mn, do accounts actually have to pay this much attention every time?” Something that calms me though is that there is something I was taught called internal controls where the importance of segregation of duties was explained, so I might be taught all of these things but in reality I’m only going to be assigned so much because they can’t assign everything to one person (correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t know man I’m just overwhelmed lol. I want to know if real life accounting looks like what you’re taught.
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2021.10.23 22:52 electro791 [FS/FT Primarily][WA-98516] Blood Rage, LisboaKS ,KanbanEV KS, Clank,Rising Sun, and More [W] Trade Primarily & Maybe $$$

PRICE FIRM unless local pickup or bulk purchase (300+)
I am just looking to clear my shelf at the moment. Pick up in Olympia, WA (I will find the best shipping quotes $10-$15). I keep my games in good condition, please let me know if you have any questions. Trade list at the bottom.
Blood Rage Bundle - $140
Blood Rage:Mystics of Midgard
Blood Rage: Gods of Asgard
Blood Rage: 5th Player Expansion
Ginkgopolis - $35
Rising Sun(NIS) - $80
5er Finden- $25
Just One(NIS) - $20
Cartographers - $19
Court of Miracles - $25
Kings Forge - $10
Kanban EV KS Edition(NIS) - $130
Spicy - $12
Cockroach Poker Royal - $15
Chinatown - $36
Viticulture(NIS) - 45
Viticulture Tuscany Essential Edition(NIS) - 30
Viticulture Visitor from Rhine(NIS) - $15
1313 Dead End Drive - $15
Coffee Traders - $85
Space Base(NIS) - $30
Lisboa Deluxe Edition - $120
Oink Tricks and the Phantom- $15
In the Hall of the Mountain King -$30
Gingerbread House (NIS) - $25
The Mind Extreme - $10
Bean Trader - $25
Root Clockwork Expansion - $35
Restaurant Rival Kickstarter Gourmet Bundle + KS Sleeves - $117
Clank Acquisitons: Upper Management Pack - $16
Clank Acquisitons: C Team Pack - $16
Clank Bundle - $80
Clank! Base Game - $32
Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk - $15
Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape - $15
Clank! Adventuring Party - $20
Want in Trade - Eclipse 2nd Dawn, Western Legends Mini Expansions, DinoGenics 2nd Printing, The Great Wall. check out my wishlist on BGG: bushtotalk
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2021.10.23 22:52 Late_Hand_5754 Coverage around Ft Campbell?

How is the Verizon coverage around Ft Campbell? Or even surrounding areas such as Hopkinsville, Clarksville. Might be getting stationed there and so far we’ve only heard that ATT will be the best out there.
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2021.10.23 22:52 RiserPath So just started watching and I’ve heard about this Aizen guy. Is he like the Pain of bleach or is he the madara?

Either way loving the show so far
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2021.10.23 22:52 SuccessfulOperation GOP Candidate Has Total Jesus Meltdown About Witches In Her Neighborhood

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2021.10.23 22:52 Sirjoshd109 How do you measure deck power?

I honestly don't know. I've built roughly 4 commander decks. I'd say on the whole they're pretty powerful but not cedh level. At the same time they certainly aren't casual.
I know we have the number scale but that feels strange, especially since there is no way to actually scientifically judge it. It's just us throwing numbers around saying so and so is a 4, that deck is a 8 and so on.
So how do we judge? Ourselves? Nah obvious bias, our decks aren't "that" bad. We totally wouldn't pubstomp anyone /s. So someone else? No, again that would be biased on them. They could claim someone's deck a 9 when it's really a 5 and so on.
Does it come down to budget? Not necessarily. There are cedh power decks obtainable for just 100 dollars.
Infinite combos then? Yet again, not necessarily. Some decks are powerful and don't need them.
So where's the line drawn? Are we supposed to rule 0 everything? Seems like a recipe for a bad time.
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2021.10.23 22:52 memoriesofcold Trump's new social media platform could face legal issues after allegedly ripping off code -- Trump made his fortune slapping his name on things other people built. Apparently, not much has changed

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2021.10.23 22:52 Professional-Ice8176 One more for rec ps5

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2021.10.23 22:52 Frequent-Big-6524 WHAT TO DO(AND NOT) IN CARTAGENA COLOMBIA

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2021.10.23 22:52 ElCanelos Gartic Phone with Friends but it gets SUS!

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2021.10.23 22:52 athim_ooo Ye and Invincible crossover?!?!!

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2021.10.23 22:52 Illustrious-Ad-4917 Boost for boost

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2021.10.23 22:52 zavcoop Am I right or... am I right

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2021.10.23 22:52 GoodGameChap that feeling when Jiren.

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2021.10.23 22:52 Luck_Like_reddit Leo_irl

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2021.10.23 22:52 WorkAccount0096 COVID-19 Updates 24th October 2021

NSW Health has advised that there were 296 cases across NSW.
There were 53 local cases of COVID-19, taking the total number in the current outbreak to 2622.
There are currently 945 active cases.
The Statewide vaccination rates are:
💉 93.0% first dose
💉 💉 84.4% second dose
A breakdown of the local cases:
Before you ask, Health do not provide details on which cases were infectious in the community.
👉 7 are from the Cessnock LGA
🏠 3 from Cessnock
🏠 2 from Cliftleigh
🏠 1 from Abermain 🏠 1 from Kurri Kurri
👉 1 is from the Dungog LGA
🏠 1 from Dungog
👉 8 are from the Lake Macquarie LGA
🏠 2 from Jewells
🏠 1 from Dora Creek
🏠 1 from Edgeworth
🏠 1 from Holmesville
🏠 1 from Toronto
🏠 1 from Whitebridge
🏠 1 from Windale
👉 7 are from the Maitland LGA
🏠 2 from Bolwarra
🏠 1 from Bolwarra Heights
🏠 1 from Chisholm
🏠 1 from Lorn
🏠 1 from Thornton
🏠 1 from Maitland
👉 4 are from Mid Coast LGA
🏠 2 from Wingham
🏠 1 from Failford
🏠 1 from Forster
👉 17 are from the Newcastle LGA
🏠 9 from Hamilton South
🏠 2 from Jesmond
🏠 1 from Adamstown
🏠 1 from Georgetown
🏠 1 from Hamilton
🏠 1 from The Hill
🏠 1 from Wallsend
🏠 1 from Waratah
👉 5 are from the Port Stephens LGA
🏠 2 from Raymond Terrace
🏠 2 from Tanilba Bay
🏠 1 from Williamtown
👉 4 are from Tamworth Regional LGA
🏠 2 from Tamworth
🏠 2 from West Tamworth
👉 42 of the cases are linked
👉 6 are unlinked
👉 5 remain under investigation.
👉 14 were isolating while infectious
👉 34 were infectious in the community
👉 5 remain under investigation.
🏥 24 of the total active cases people are currently being cared for in hospital. 4 are in ICU.
💩 There have been recent sewage detections of COVID-19 virus fragments in Moree, Uralla, Quirindi and Armidale, where there are no known cases.
All testing sites can be located via
No exposure sites have been announced today - if you see any put them in the comments. ✅ ❌ ROADMAP CHANGES FOR 80% ❌✅ The NSW Government has released further details for the roadmap at 80% which will commence from 12:01am on Monday morning. Below are the details that have been released so far.
Under the Reopening NSW roadmap at 80 per cent, the following freedoms will apply only to fully vaccinated adults (16+) and those with medical exemptions (staff and patrons) from Monday
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Gatherings in the home and public spaces

👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️ Weddings, funerals and places of worship
🏪 Venues including hospitality, retail stores and gyms
🏊‍♀️ Indoor Swim Centre’s
😷 Masks
🏝 Travel
📚 Schools
💉 Vaccination for Regional NSW
Recent announcement DISALLOWS travel between Greater Sydney and anywhere else until 1st November. If you've got family on the Central Coast you will have to wait a bit longer. You know the drill mates. Wear a mask outdoors and indoors, get vaxxed. Under 40's (including those 12 and over) are eligible for Pfizer vaccination, get a booking in. Book at this link and follow the prompts - Moderna rolling out in pharmacies - check your local here 🔴 WHERE YOU CAN GET TESTED 🔴
Search by suburb here, also states what vaccines they have:
💉Local pharmacies offering AZ jabs here.💉
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2021.10.23 22:52 Mortalfalloutman77 Why is wasteland 3 co-op still a mess after a year

Just got the game yesterday on PS4. Tried to play co-op with a buddy and all I get is disconnects after disconnects. My friends buttons won’t working, my character stuck on his screen and not on mine, Customer creator malfunctioning, and infinite loading screens. This is such a fun game but this is really stopping me from continuing to play.
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2021.10.23 22:52 CinderN64 Who is snowkarl? I cannot find anything out about him.

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2021.10.23 22:52 ShangshiKitchen Chinese Scallion Egg Pancakes recipe you can easily to make at home

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2021.10.23 22:52 zapp892 What?? Different careers? ?

2 yrs ago I started working for this small company and I really did have an advantage as they are one of the best in the game and learned a lottt with them. Boss was a little on and off with me as I was the new comer and he hadn’t hired anyone new in a long time, I was fairly fresh to the field (6 month after graduating) and didn’t know everything but knew a lot more than others in my level. Boss gave me stress, talked to others behind my back, told me you acted like a bone head at times and other things made me cry alot because he would judge my work and critique it by putting me down from others but also in weird ways uplifted me to do better and although gave me alot of doubts and trauma in a way, I still find him nice because he would take us out to dinners etc (I wanna make it clear I though about quitting but since he’s one of the best in the field I thought it would benefit me to stay) This lasted about 1 year and 5 months and this gave me so much trauma without me noticing but it slowly creeped up on me idk how to explain this but my mood was not the greatest when I would go to work but doing the work satisfied me and kept me going. Although lately he’s been normal & saying things like you’re so young but so talented, & like how I would expect a boss to be like, my head can’t get over it so I started applying for new jobs in another completely different field I have another degree in, I landed on this job that pays more and is with a bigger company but this requires me to switch career paths and I want to take it but them again I feel bad to leave them and possibly make a mistake idk.
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2021.10.23 22:52 thestupidestname French press fan, but looking at trying new things

I've been using a French press to make my coffee since freshman year. It tastes great and it makes big batches that last me the day so its perfect. I'm looking at trying new methods of making coffee just to switch things up. Any suggestions? I like the ritual of making coffee + the fullness of flavour that the press brings out.
I also have a god-awful, incredibly loud electric grinder. Any suggestions for a decently priced (~$50-75 CAD) manual grinder so I stop waking the dead at 7?
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2021.10.23 22:52 iggyiggyiggy42 Chrome and light grey heavy x-wing Firespray explorer. T3 Euclid

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